Police Department



The goal of our agency is to help provide a safe and secure environment through professional policing and courteous service to residents and visitors alike. We are on-duty 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.


We are currently staffed by 16 full-time Police Officers and 2 civilian assistants, serving a resident population of about 9300 people, with tourist seasons being much higher from visitors and seasonal residents. Each year we handle about 11,000 calls for service and strive to meet those incidents with a prompt response, detailed investigation, and an unbiased decision based on the facts. We are also one of the few agencies that still provide a range of services from assisting on fire and medical emergencies and nightly business checks.


When laws are enforced, they are handled with fairness and respect. Our main focus is to keep our community safe and orderly so everyone can enjoy all the area attractions in a responsible manner. Balancing freedom and fun versus keeping the peace and safety is something our Officers handle every day. In addition to our agency serving the City of Detroit Lakes, we also work very closely with other Law Enforcement agencies that work in the same area. The Becker County Sheriff's Office, Minnesota State Patrol District Office, and the Department of Natural Resources all work in and around our city, and it is this cooperation along with partnerships with citizens in the community, that help make Detroit Lakes a better place to live.


To learn more about our agency or area laws and information, please visit the links provided and check out the other sections of our website.