Meet Our Mayor and Council

The City Council meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM in the Council Chambers of the City Administration Building, 1025 Roosevelt Avenue.

City Council 2023-2024

The original Charter of the City of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, was adopted as a Home Rule Charter, pursuant to the provisions of Section 36, Article 14, Constitution of the State of Minnesota, Chapter 351, General Laws of the State of Minnesota, for the year 1899, at a special election held February 23, 1903. Numerous amendments to the original Charter were adopted at special elections held at various times. An amendment adopted September 7, 1926, changed the name of the City from Detroit to Detroit Lakes. At elections held April 3, 1959, and December 14, 1982, entirely new Charters were adopted. The Council is composed of the Mayor and nine Council members. Two Council members are elected from each of the three wards of the City. The Mayor and three Council members are elected by and from the electors of the City at large. The terms of the office of Mayor and Council members are four years and begin on the first day of January following the regular municipal election. The Mayor, one Councilmember from each ward, and one Councilmember at large are elected in the presidential election year. One Council member from each ward and two Council members at large shall be elected in the off-presidential election year. Members of the present Council shall continue to serve until their current elected and/or appointed terms expire.