Bright Energy Choices

Creating a clean energy future!

We all want to help protect the environment. The good news is that 83% of the electricity you purchased from us last year came from clean energy resources that do not produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, or other pollutants. Our clean energy comes from renewable resources including hydroelectric, wind and solar, and from nuclear energy which is not renewable, but releases no greenhouse gases. Many people want to do even more! That’s why we’re offering Bright Energy Choices, a program that lets us and our customers support the development of additional carbon-free, renewable energy resources.

Here’s how Bright Energy Choices works: Our wholesale power supplier, Missouri River Energy Services, purchases Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, on behalf of our participating customers. (RECs are proof that electricity was generated by qualifying clean, renewable facilities—such as wind and solar farms—and fed into the electric grid.) When you enroll, REC purchases will offset the portion of your energy that comes from fossil fuels, making your electric usage, in effect, 100% clean and carbon-free!

Each month, a small premium of $.001 (one-tenth of one cent) per kilowatt-hour (kWh) will be added to 17% of your kWh usage each month. This represents the portion of your electricity that comes from fossil fuels, and will be offset by RECs when you participate. For an average homeowner using 900 kWhs per month, the Bright Energy Choices premium will be only $0.15 per month.

To participate in Bright Energy Choices, just complete the order form below and return it to us. Your participation will continue unless you cancel. We will let you know of any changes to the Bright Energy Choices premium before they take effect, and we’ll also give you a Bright Energy Choices certificate to show that you support clean energy!