Sports Arena Maintenance I

Date Posted:

Tuesday, July 9, 2024


Parks Dept


$51,147 to $66,934




Thursday, August 1, 2024 at 4:30 PM

Position Objectives:

You will be performing a variety of skilled and semi-skilled tasks to operate and maintain the sports arena complex, grounds, equipment, and mechanical equipment.  During the non-hockey season, you will be working with the Public Works Parks Department.  Training will be provided.  

 **AFSCME Union Eligible 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  •          Maintains grounds, facilities, ice rink, public address system, and related areas.
  •          Prepares and grooms ice rink; hose floods, puts lines down, runs ice edger and Zamboni. Removes ice from rink using bobcat, power broom, floor cleaning machine and vacuums.
  •          Operates, monitors, and maintains chillers and condensers on refrigeration equipment and enforces safety and environmental rules and regulations.
  •          Operates, maintains, and adjusts chiller and absorption equipment.
  •          Maintains air distribution equipment and dehumidifiers.
  •          Performs air quality test in accordance with the Minnesota Dept. of Health standards. Maintains air quality testing equipment.
  •          Calibrates and tests equipment for cooling systems.
  •          General maintenance repairs, replace sinks, toilets, drains, lines and valves; maintenance of door hardware and hockey boards.
  •          Determines causes of any lighting malfunction. Recommends replacing lighting equipment or systems and verifies replacement of ballasts, light switches, wiring, fuses, cables, cords, circuit breakers, light fixtures.
  •          Monitors, and maintains emergency backup systems.
  •          Diagnosis necessary vehicle and motorized equipment repairs and determines the type and scope of repairs needed.
  •          Advises on repairing, replacing, selling, modifying or trading of equipment.
  •          Performs preventive maintenance and enforces safety and environmental rules and regulations.
  •          Sweeps, vacuums, mops, dusts, shampoos, steam cleans, strips, waxes, polishes, and buffs floors, carpets, and furniture, etc.
  •          Dumps garbage cans and replaces can liners.
  •          Cleans and sanitizes restrooms and replenishes supplies; cleans spills; cleans drinking fountains, mirrors, tables, walls, fixtures, blinds, light fixtures, etc.
  •          Washes windows, walls, metal and woodwork.
  •          Cleans rain gutters, sweeps roofs and sidewalks.
  •          Prepares ground for seed, sod, planting with light equipment and manual labor. Mows lawns, boulevards, and fields with light equipment. Maintains, plants and transplants trees and shrubs. Maintains beach.
  •          Installs and maintains outdoor ice rinks.
  •          Performs semi-skilled and skilled interior building maintenance and repairs such as painting, floor covering, plumbing, carpentry, mechanical, and other semi-skilled and skilled trades work.
  •          Inspects and maintains assigned arena equipment and small tools for proper operating condition.
  •          Opens and closes, lock and unlocks facilities as needed.
  •          Maintains current skills and knowledge in the proper and safe techniques of building maintenance.
  •          Returns after hours and days off to repair sports arena equipment and perform street, park, arena, and animal control related duties. Subject to work odd shifts, days, evenings, overtime, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays year around and is required to report to work station within one hour.
  •          May serve on various employee committees, as required and assigned.
  •          Performs all street and park department duties as assigned. Operates all street and park department light equipment.
  •          Attends meetings, training and education to maintain competence and certifications.


While these are the primary focus of the position, we believe strongly in teamwork and employees will be called upon to perform a variety of duties as part of their role with the City.

Minimum Requirements:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  •          Working knowledge of tools, equipment, methods, operation and materials used in building and grounds maintenance.
  •          Working knowledge of equipment and supplies used in the operation and maintenance of ammonia refrigeration system.
  •          Working knowledge of interior electrical systems operation and maintenance.
  •          Ability to read and interpret technical manuals and to determine solutions to a variety of operational and maintenance problems.
  •          Ability to follow oral and written instructions and to work independently with minimal direction.
  •          Ability to work weekends and holidays as scheduled and to respond to emergencies during un-scheduled time.
  •          Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  •          Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted during the course of work.
  •          Ability to perform standard procedures and tasks where basic analytical ability is required.
  •          Ability to work under limited supervision with general autonomy in determining how objectives are achieved.


Education and Experience

  •          High school graduate or equivalent and one year’s work experience in building repair and maintenance; or any combination of experience and training sufficient to perform the required duties.
  •          Sports Maintenance II requires five years Maintenance I experience.



  •          Obtain and maintain a Minnesota Class A Driver’s License and CDL certification with air brakes and tanker endorsement
  •          Obtain and maintain MPCA Level 1 Certification in Snow and Ice Control
  •          Obtain and maintain Certified Ice Technician Certification (CIT)
  •          Obtain and maintain CPR/ First Aid Certification


Physical and Mental Requirements

Positions in this job typically require frequent sitting and standing, intermittent bending or stooping, climbing, walking, and kneeling. This position is heavy duty and may require the exertion up to 60 pounds of force and the ability to lift, carry, push, pull and move objects.


The physical demands described here are representative to those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.  Reasonable accommodations can be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Desirable Training and Experience:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent and one year’s work experience in building repair and maintenance; or any combination of experience and training sufficient to perform the required duties.  
  • A valid Minnesota Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with air brakes/tanker endorsement license is a requirement within your first year of employment.  The City covers the cost/tuition in obtaining the required license.
  • You must be able to work a variety of shifts to meet public service needs, including mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends and holidays.


Heath Insurance – Employees become eligible for health insurance benefits on the first day of employment.  The City offers the employee the option to choose from four (4) health insurance plans.   The City pays 100% of the monthly premium for a single policy and will contribute $1650 towards the monthly premium of a family plan.  Employee will pay the difference through payroll deduction.  More information will be shared during the interview.

The City will contribute $250 quarterly into a Heath Savings Account over the first 18 months of employment once you enroll in the City of Detroit Lakes Health Insurance Plan.  (Total contribution of $1500) 


Vacation – the rate of accumulation for vacation is as follows:

1st through the 5th year.….......80 hours per year (3.08 hours per pay period)
6th through the 12th year.........120 hours per year (4.62 hours per pay period)
13th through the 19th year.......160 hours per year (6.15 hours per pay period)
20 years plus ….……………....200 hours per year (7.69 hours per pay period)


Sick Leave – Sick leave is earned at 8 hours each month of service (3.70 hours per pay period).  Unused sick leave will be allowed to accumulate to a maximum of 1,120 hours.  After 36 months of continuous service, severance pay will be granted all employees upon termination of service for one-half, not to exceed 560 hours, to an employee, unless the employee is discharged for cause.


When a total of 1,120 hours has been accrued, an additional 960 hours of sick leave for catastrophic illness may be accrued in a second sick leave bank except in the 12 month period prior to retirement, an employee shall be allowed to use 240 hours of the second sick leave bank before use of the first bank is required.  Upon termination of service, the City will place 10% of the value of the employee’s second sick leave bank in the employees Post Retirement Account to be used to pay the employees health insurance and health costs.


Holidays – the following holidays will be observed as paid holidays for all regular employees:


New Year’s Day                                             Veteran’s Day

Martin Luther King Day                                  Thanksgiving Day

President’s Day                                             Columbus Day

Memorial Day                                                Christmas Day

July 4th                                                           Personal Day

Labor Day                                                      Juneteenth


Post Retirement Health Care Savings Plan – The City has established a Post Retirement Health Care Savings Plan whereby its employees save to cover post-retirement health care costs in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 352.98.  As stated above, upon leaving employment with the City, 50% and 10% of your accumulated sick leave banks and all unused or earned vacation must be placed in this fund.  These funds will be eligible for tax-preferred or tax-free treatment.


Health Insurance  Upon the early retirement of an employee from the City and if the employee qualifies for a PERA pension, the employee or the employee’s spouse may at his or her discretion continue to participate in the City's group hospitalization plan until age 65 or Medicare eligible age.  The City shall contribute 50% of the health insurance premium up to a maximum of $325.00/month for a family contract and 100% of the health insurance premium up to a maximum of $325.00 per month for a single contract to age 65 or Medicare eligible age.  The benefit shall be calculated by providing three months of health insurance for each year of service of the employee. When the benefit expires, the retiree shall be required to pay 100% of his/her health insurance premium. 


Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) is a public pension plan whereby 6.5% is taken from your check each payroll and the City contributes 7.5% each payroll to your account.  You become vested when you have a minimum of five years of service which will make you eligible to receive benefits in monthly installments when you reach retirement age. 


Life Insurance: The Employer will provide full-time Employees a Group Life Insurance Plan in the amount of $20,000.


Deferred Compensation Program options are offered to employees wishing to defer income to a supplemental retirement Plan.

Voluntary Plans are offered to employees with the premium paid 100% by the employee.   Such plans are Dental, Flexible Spending, Life Insurance, Cancer, Short Term Disability and Vision Insurance.


**“Complete Benefit Package will be discussed upon employment, benefits are effective through December 31, 2024**