Demand Response Programs

Demand response programs are designed to be both financially and environmentally responsible way to respond to temporary peak demand events. Short periods of peak demand can drastically drive up powers cost from our power providers. In addition, by avoiding these short peaks in demand we can delay or even defray the need to build additional power plants.  Think of these short peaks in electrical demand like rush hour traffic, but instead of cars on the road its demand for electricity all at once.  Our efforts to reduce peak demand are focused on equipment that can be cycled or turned off turning short periods of high demand.  Current programs include bill credits for cooling equipment, reduced price for heating with electricity and water heater rebates or bill credits.  


Summer Cooling Credit

During summer peak demand events DLPU will send a signal to a load control receiver that is connected to your cooling equipment. The receiver will then cycle your a/c or heat pump for a maximum of 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off for the duration of the control event.  The furnace fan will remain on during the control event allowing the already cooled air to circulate within your home. Cycling ensures that everyone in the community is not running equipment at the same time.  Most participants are not even aware that their cooling equipment is being controlled. 

Summer Cooling Application


Off Peak Heating

Off peak heating systems use safe, clean, efficient electric heat as the primary means of heating your home. During times of peak demand (think of rush hour on the grid) the electric heating system is turned off by a load control receiver and your backup or storage heating system keeps your home warm. The rates for off peak electric heat are considerably less than the regular electric rates.  Typical control (electric off) occurs on a few of the coldest days of the month in the morning and afternoon hours.  Most customers are unaware their heat is being controlled.

Off Peak Application


Water Heating Rebates or Bill Credits

DLPU offers either a one-time rebate or monthly bill credit for water heaters enrolled in our demand response programs.  Electric water heaters can yield significant demand savings due to the storage capacity in the hot water heater.  Electricity to the water heaters is turned off or cycled for short periods of time only during a few of the hottest and coldest days of the year.  Because of the storage capacity of the water heaters most customers are unaware their water heaters have been controlled.

Water Heater Rebate Application

Water Heater Bill Credit Application



Bridget Penton

Energy Services Specialist

Detroit Lakes Public Utilities