Water System

Water Treatment Plant

The City of Detroit Lakes provides drinking water to its residents from a groundwater source:  4 wells ranging from 230 feet- 232 feet deep that draw water from the Quaternary Buried Artesian Aquifer.

The water enters the Water Treatment Plant where the iron is removed through sand filtration.  Then there are 3 chemicals added.  Chlorine is added for disinfection, Fluoride is added to prevent the decay of teeth and it is also state mandated and Ortho-polyphosphate is added for corrosion control.

The Water Treatment Plant on average treats 1.5 to 2.5 million gallons per day with a maximum capacity of 3 million gallons per day.  Storage capacity for the City of Detroit Lakes is 1.46 million gallons between 2 clear wells on site, 1 large water tower and 1 small water tower.

City staff analyzes the water daily, weekly and monthly to guarantee that state standards are met.  On average the analytes are as follows:

The Minnesota Department of Health also does testing on the city water throughout the year.  The City of Detroit Lakes is issuing the results of monitoring done on its drinking water.  The purpose of this report is to advance consumers’ understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect precious water resources.




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