Weed Control

Minnesota Statute Section 18 requires all noxious weeds be eradicated or destroyed. Common prohibited noxious weeds in our area include:  Thistle, Leafy Spurge and Spotted Knapweed.

City code requires weeds and tall grass in excess of six inches high be removed from property. This includes vacant property, side yards, along alleys and boulevards. 

Property owners that do not comply with this ordinance may receive a letter advising them to remove tall grass and/or noxious weeds within a specified time period. If the warning is not adhered to, the City may have its contractor mow the lot and charge the property owner for services rendered.  Non-payment of the bill will require the City Administrator to certify collection to the County Auditor and will be placed as a charge on the owners real estate taxes.

To report a weed lot within city limits please contact the City of Detroit Lakes Public Works Department at dlpublicworks@cityofdetroitlakes.com or (218) 847-4637.