Geocaching is a modern day active treasure hunt that allows you to use a GPS (Global Positioning System) device to locate a cache.  This activity has grown over the years and has become a favorite pastime for individuals and families.  In a world where electronic devices dominate, this brings the technology back to nature allowing people to enjoy the outdoors.

Geocaching begins by an individual hiding a container (cache) and marking the coordinates with a GPS. The owner then posts the coordinates, description of the cache, and other interesting details about the area on the website.  After the website confirms and approves the cache, it becomes available for others to locate.  Upon locating a cache, the finder writes in the log book, takes or leaves a small item, and then posts their find on the website.  Geocaching promotes Cache In Trash Out which is an ongoing environmental initiative dedicated to keeping our parks clean.  To obtain coordinates, you must register.  There is no fee to set up a basic account.  To register, visit   If you would like to learn more about geocaching, go to the Minnesota Geocaching Association at  




The City of Detroit Lakes Park Department encourages positive activities in our park system. We believe geocaching can be a beneficial park experience if the policies are followed.  Please read the City of Detroit Lakes Geocaching Policy.