Commission Members: (If you want to be involved contact a member listed below)

Mark Jenson - Chair (Term: 2/28/2026)

Becky Mitchell - Vice Chair (Term: 2/28/2024) 

 Amy Stearns (Term: 2/28/2026) 

Patty LaBarre (Term: 2/28/2026) 

Claire Danner (Term: 2/28/2024) 

Chris Henwood (Term: 2/28/2025) 

Karen Skoyles (Term: 2/28/2025) 

Wendy Spry (Term: 2/28/2025) 

Anna Carlson (Term: 2/28/27)



Arts and Culture Commission meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 4:00PM in the Becker County Museum at 714 Summit Ave.


Ordinance 486: Establishing an Arts and Cultural Commission