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The City of Detroit Lakes “ZONING ORDINANCE” is adopted to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the Community and its people through establishing regulations in regard to location, erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, and use of structures and land.

The “ZONING ORDINANCE“of the City of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, is published online as a convenience to citizens and the business community. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material published online, the only official edition of the “ZONING ORDINANCE” is the version maintained by the Deputy City Clerk.

The Detroit Lakes “ZONING ORDINANCE ” is divided into twenty-five (25) sections, along with one Subdivision Ordinance.

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Index for Zoning Ordinance Sect. 16 FloodPlain District
Sect. 2 Definitions (2)  Sect. 17 Wetland Systems District
 Sect. 2 Definitions (2)  Sect. 18 Shoreland District
 Sect. 3 General Provisions  Sect. 19 Administration & Enforcement
 Sect. 3A Anti-Blight Regulations  Sect. 20 Admin. Amendments & Cond. Use Permits
 Sect. 4 General Business District  Sect. 21 Admin. Variances & Appeals
 Sect. 5 Agriculture Residence District  Sect. 22 Administration Fees
 Sect. 6 Single Fammily Residential District  Sect. 23 Violation & Penalities
 Sect. 7 One and Two Family Residence District  Sect. 24 Regulating Signs
 Sect. 8 Multi-Family Residence District  Sect. 25 Wetlands Conservation
 Sect. 8.5 Limited Multi-Family Residence District Sect. 26 Regulating and Controlling Towers
 Sect. 9 Mobile Home Park District  Sect 27. Small Wind Energy Systems
 Sect. 10 Residential-Lakefront Business District
Sect. 11 CentraSect. 11 Central Business Districtl Business District  Subdivsion – Appendix C
 Sect. 12 General Business District
Sect. 13 Auto-Oriented Business District
 Sect. 14 Light Industrial District
 Sect. 15 Heavy Industrial District
 Sect. 15A Public Institutional District