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Section 8



DLPUD will supply overhead secondary service (600 volts or less) at the voltages and under the conditions specified in other sections of the publication. The service entrance location will be specified by DLPUD. This section includes information on distribution transformer size, overhead service drop and connections to the Customer’s premises or equipment. Metering and customer equipment requirements are covered in other sections of this publication. The requirements of the section apply to all residential, commercial and industrial customers.

801 Maximum Transformer Size

801.1 The maximum overhead transformer size installed by DLPUD will normally be either one 75 kVA transformer for single-phase application or three 100 kVA transformer for multi-phase applications. Larger transformer sizes will normally only be provided as a pad-mounted type, unless determined otherwise by DLPUD. See Section 402.3 on fault-current rating.

801.2 One or more secondary services may be supplied from a transformer; the number of services from a transformer shall be determined by DLPUD depending upon the application.

802 Service Drop Conductors

802.1 The service drop for new services will be a twisted wire triplex (three wires) or quadruplex (four wires) configuration from the distribution system to the point of attachment on the Customer’s premises.

802.2 Existing services may be either a twisted wire or open wire configuration. If necessary for various reasons, DLPUD may change a service from an open wire to a twisted wire configuration.

803 Clearances

803.1 The service drop must be so located that the minimum clearance as specified in the latest editions of the National Electrical Code (NFPA No. 70) and the National Electric Safety Code (ANSI C2) are maintained. An illustration of the clearances required is shown in Exhibit 4.

803.2 Service drop conductors shall not be installed above a swimming pool or surrounding area extending 10 feet horizontally from the pool edge, diving structure, observation stands, towers or platforms.

804 Point of Attachment

A solid point of attachment for supporting the service drop on the building shall be provided by the Customer at a point which will comply with previously stated clearances. Where the required heights and clearances cannot be maintained by a point of attachment on the building, the Customer shall provide a service mast which is of a permanent nature and of sufficient strength to support the service drop at the required minimum clearance. Typical service mast installation is shown in Exhibit 6. In such an installation 2-inch or larger galvanized iron conduit or 3-inch or larger rigid aluminum conduit shall be used. DLPUD reserves the right to decline to connect its service drop to an extension support, which, in its judgment, constitutes a hazard to life or property.

805 Service Entrance

The Customer’s service entrance wiring shall terminate at a point so located that the service drop from the supply lines does not interfere with windows, doors, awnings, drainpipes, or other parts of the building or other obstructions so that only one bracket is required.

Revised 03/07