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Section 3



301 Rate Schedule Classification

Electric service is supplied to Customers under various rate schedule classifications as determined by the type of service, the amount of electric power supplied, and the purpose for which the electric service is to be used.

302 Payment

DLPUD will, insofar as possible, read all meters every month and bill the Customer for service used during the period. Payment of the bill is due on the date noted on the bill.

If the meter cannot be read during a billing period, or the reading seems erroneous, an estimate will be made for that billing period. Any adjustments to the estimate will be made during the following billing period.

303 Minimum Bill

There is a minimum bill charged to each Customer receiving electric service. The amount of this bill varies as to the type of service, which the Customer receives. The minimum bill for each type of service is listed in the appropriate rate schedule.

304 Service Connections

A fee shall be charged each customer when opening a new service account or when service is being transferred from one account to another.

A reconnection fee shall also be charged when reconnection service which was previously disconnected at the customers request or disconnected by DLPUD as per Section 305.

A schedule of fees is available from the DLPUD.

305 Service Disconnection/Re-connection

DLPUD may disconnect a Customer’s service, with notice, for any of the following reasons:

 Nonpayment of billings or issuance of non-negotiable check
 Failure to meet credit requirements
 Failure to provide access to DLPUD owned metering equipment

Without notice, the Customer’s service may be disconnected for:

 A condition determined to be hazardous – to the Customer; to other customers or to DLPUD
 Unauthorized use of electricity, water or equipment belonging to DLPUD

In the event service has been disconnected for a valid cause, the Customer will be required to pay a re-connection fee, any outstanding utility bills and, if required, a deposit before the service is restored.

306 Service Deposit Policy

To establish credit with DLPUD, a deposit may be required at the time of application for service. The required deposit will be an amount approximately equal to two month average billing. All deposits bear interest at a rate as officially established until such time as service is disconnected or credit has been established to meet Public Utility satisfaction. Deposits will be required from:

 New customers with poor credit history
 Present customers with poor credit history, unpaid utility bills from previous address or who have been liable for service disconnection per DLPUD rules

Customers may obtain service without a deposit if the service contract is guaranteed by a third party or when an acceptable credit reference is provided from another utility.

When satisfactory payment history has been established, the deposit plus interest will be applied to the customers account for subsequent billings. When service is terminated, the deposit plus interest will be refunded, providing all obligations to the DLPUD have been discharged.

A new additional deposit may be required in cases where the deposit has been refunded or where the current deposit is inadequate. All deposits are non-transferable from one applicant to another and are payable only to the original applicant upon proper identification.

307 Temporary Service Charges

Customers receiving temporary service provided for construction purposes, special events or other customer needs shall be charged a connection fee and monthly or daily usage charges as determined by DLPUD. Also see Section 500, Subsection 501, Temporary Services.

Revised 04/09