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Aquatic Invasive Species Meeting

Public Information Meeting


TUESDAY, AUGUST 28, 2012 at 5:30 P.M.

at 1025 Roosevelt Avenue City Administration Building- Council Chambers


1.      Update from Moriya Rufer, Becker County AIS Task Force Coordinator

2.      Update from DNR Nathan Olson, Regional AIS Specialist

3.      Update from Tera Guetter, Pelican River Watershed Department (PRWD)

4.      Update from Lake Detroiters Association Inc

5.      Open Discussion-   Needs/Concerns-   Ideas-  Future Actions



                                                                  Bruce Imholte, Chair

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Downtown Crossing

The City of Detroit Lakes undertook the Business Corridor Study when it was faced with a major realignment of US Highway 10 which runs through the City’s downtown. The highway realignment left a 5 acre tract of land near the Central Business District to be redeveloped either by chance or by choice.  Fortunately the City chose to plan for the Business Corridor Redevelopment and hired a private planning consultant, RDG Planning & Design ofOmaha, to work with Community Development staff to complete the study.

The final report provides a vision for the future development in the downtown.  In addition it has provided a guideline to direct public and private decisions regarding downtown redevelopment.

The planning process, which was successful in gaining buy in from elected officials and the community at large, included public input, stakeholder meetings and opportunity analysis.  The opportunity based planning process compares consumer demand with retail sales to identify gaps existed in the retail sector.  This changed the planning point of view from focusing on how many square feet of retail space can fit on the available acreage to how much new retail space can be supported by the market. The analysis of consumer demand compared to retail sales shoDwed a need for $65,000 square feet of retail space and 12,000 square feet of office space inDetroitLakesover the next five years.

This level of detail obtained from fact based analysis, has created a plan that citizens and elected officials feel can be implemented.  Because of the high level of confidence people have in the study, it has been used by the City Council to make decisions and allocate resources to guide downtown redevelopment.  (Note:  A copy of the Detroit Lakes Business Corridor’s Redevelopment Plan is available on the City’s web site at

Since adoption of the Business Corridor Study in December of 2008, the Community Development Department has worked closely with elected officials and private developers to ensure that the following important implementation activities have taken place:

  • Acquisition of property for future parking ($832,000) – 2008
  • Assembled private property in the Downtown Redevelopment Area 1.0 million – 2007-2009
  • Engineer prepared feasibility study for downtown redevelopment public improvements – 2009
  • Demolition of two building in the redevelopment area – 2010
  • Entered into a development agreement to develop Downtown Crossing, a 24,000 square foot mall in the redevelopment area – 2010
  • Set aside property for aDowntownCommunityParkand worked with veterans for a Veteran’s Memorial in the park 2009-2010
  • Obtained a $50,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation to assist in development of the community park – 2011
  • Approved going out for bids to construct and improve downtown parking lots – 2011

The City of Detroit Lakes is very pleased with the plan and the Community Development Department has used it repeatedly to guide public action and spending for downtown redevelopment.  Elements of the plan were used by staff to develop a request for proposals which will add 24,000 square feet of retail space in the downtown redevelopment area next to the Veteran’sCommunityPark.  (see attached rendering of Downtown Crossing)

In short, the City of Detroit Lakes is supportive of the plan and also very pleased at the rapid progress that has been made toward its implementation.

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