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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That pursuant to the provisions of M.S.A. Sections 205.14 and 205.17, inclusive and the Amended Home Rule Charter of the City of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, a City Election will be held in said City of Detroit Lakes on:


The polls will be open on said day from the hour of 7:00 o’clock A.M. until the hour of 8:00 o’clock P.M. for the purpose of voting for and electing the following officers:

MAYOR –  One (1) Four-Year Term
ALDERMAN AT LARGE – One (1) Four-Year Term

The polling places will be as follows:

FIRST WARD – Precinct I
Grace Lutheran Church
213 Roosevelt Avenue

SECOND WARD – Precinct I
Trinity Lutheran Church
1401 Madison Avenue

THIRD WARD – Precinct I 
First Lutheran Church
912 Lake Avenue


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Open Skating Schedule


Holiday Open Skating Schedules

The outdoor rinks at Peoples Park are closed due to the warm temperatures. City crews are flooding the rinks, but please stay off until it is posted as open.

Public skating and public hockey are available inside Kent Freeman Arena.  Please go to the Detroit Lakes Youth Hockey website: for schedule information.

Check on link below for schedule:

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2015 Citizen’s Police Academy

Detroit Lakes Police Department
2015 Citizen’s Police Academy

October 2015

The Detroit Lakes Police Department will begin accepting applications for our 2015 Citizen’s Police Academy. The Academy will be held on the following Monday nights at locations to be determined:

November 9th
November 16th
November 23rd
November 30th
December 7th
December 14th
December 21st

The class times will generally be from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, although the times may be adjusted somewhat, depending on the activity of that evening.

Academy Requirements:
In order to be considered for entrance into the Academy, you must:
·         Be at least 18 years old

·         Be a resident of the City of Detroit Lakes

·         Own a business or work within the City of Detroit Lakes

·         Pass a background check


The class size will be limited to 16 people and attendees should make a commitment to attend all of the sessions. For more information, applications and other forms, contact Chief Tim Eggebraaten by phone (218) 846-3203; e-mail; or go to our website Forms will also be available at the Detroit Lakes Police Department front desk.

2015 Citizen’s Police Academy Application

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Library Sculpture

Check out the new sculpture by the Library.  The artist is Hans Gilsdorf.  The piece’s temporary name is “Child with Book”.    At the moment, it weighs about 16 tons, but will weigh more when it’s complete.  It will have a dark bronze finish when it is complete, and is meant to be interactive, so the people can sit on it and read or have their picture taken.


Library Sculpure

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Washington Ave Update 8/3/15

Progress continues in Section B (Willow to Frazee) of the Washington Avenue project.  It’s safe to say we are over the hump and just about fully completed with the work.  The contractors have continued to address some of the minor clean-up items in the downtown area and should have most of that work complete in the next week or so.  The following is a summary of progress and anticipated work in Section B:

  • The concrete subcontractor spent last week finishing the remaining sidewalks, driveways, and pavement.  All concrete work is now complete and cured.  All driveways and sidewalks are cured enough handle vehicle traffic.  Everyone is free to access their property with vehicles.  The only exception is those driveways that have a drop off behind the sidewalk and require an asphalt patch (which will be completed tomorrow).
  • The landscaping subcontractor (HDQ) has been onsite since last week working on installing the boulevard irrigation and preparing the boulevards for turf restoration.  As of today the irrigation is complete on the west side of the road.  Also, the first load of sod was delivered and the crew is in the process of sodding the west side of the road.  The west side of the road, with the exception of trees will be completed by tomorrow morning sometime.
  • HDQ will start working on the irrigation on the east side of the road and preparing boulevards for turf tomorrow.  We are tentatively planning to place the topsoil on the eastside tomorrow.  Work will continue this week on the east side of the road depending on the level of traffic resulting from the annual We-Fest influx.  Whatever is not completed this work will be completed next week.
  • The paving subcontractor will be onsite Tuesday morning to complete the remaining driveway pavement.
  • City electric crews have finished installing all of the lighting on the project.  All lights should be operational tonight.
  • The signing subcontractor was on site today to finish installing the remaining signs on the project.
  • The striping was onsite today making preparations for the pavement markings.  This work will be completed this evening and tomorrow morning when traffic is light.
  • Crews will work on cleaning the project site tomorrow afternoon in preparation for opening the road to general traffic.  We have scheduled to open the road by Wednesday morning.  At this point we will remove the detour and most of the traffic control barricades and the road will be open to all traffic.  We will leave a line of cones/barrels on the east 1/3 of the roadway to allow the landscaping operations to continue under traffic.  Accordingly there will be no parking on the east side of the road until this work is complete (sometime next week).

A couple of notes on the new sod:

  • Irrigation has been installed throughout the project so there is no need for you to help water the new sod. Irrigation will initially be set to water the boulevard area and the outer portion of your front yard.  Sometime next spring the irrigation system will be adjusted to water only the boulevard area.
  • Please do not mow the new sod for at least 3 weeks.  It will be a bit long but it needs to be left undisturbed while initially rooting it.  Once you start mowing please raise your mower decks to approximately  2-inches higher than normal and gradually lower your mower height over the next couple of mowing. It is also a good idea to bag it the first time if you have the ability to.
  • The City/County street department uses salt during the winter which can settle onto the sod and harm it.  Watering the sod early in the spring will help rinse and dilute any salt that has accumulated in the sod.
  • Pets:  Spots will develop on the sod from pet urination. Lightly water these areas to dilute the effects of the urine.
  • If your sod starts to turn brown, make sure to water it.  Brown areas can be restored if not left dry for an extended period.
  • After acceptance of the sod by the City we cannot replace dead or damaged sod.  If you feel that that your sod is not acceptable, please notify us prior to September 1, 2015.  Your assistance with the new sod will help ensure you have a healthy new front yard.

Once again I want to thank all of you for your cooperation and understanding during this work.  I know it has been less the convenient but the improvement was needed and has turned out very well.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!


Jon Pratt, PE
Civil Engineer
Apex Engineering Group
265 Highway 10 West – Suite 4
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 56501
Office:  218-844-2580
Direct:  218-844-2582
Cell:       218-841-1282

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