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Community Solar Garden

SOLAR UPDATE:  10/12/16

Detroit Lakes Public Utilites is moving forward with a community solar garden project.  Panels will be available for purchase in March of 2017.  Project details and more information is in the works.  The below letter is the status update from October 2016 by Vernell Roberts the Public Utilities General Manager.  Please call 218-846-7133 or email for more information.  Thanks! –Josh Mason


Thank you for your interest in Detroit Lakes Public Utilities Community Solar Garden (CSG). We appreciate your commitment to providing for a clean energy option for your electric needs.

Public  Utilities set a very aggressive sign up schedule this fall to be able to get the equipment and material ordered, and provide time to get the CSG built and in commercial operation prior to the end of 2016. We set a sign up period to end on October 7th.  We needed to pre-sell 70 modules by the end of the business day on the 7th to make it work this year. This was simply due to the equipment lead times and construction times to get the project built.  At the end of Friday October 7th, we had financial commitments for 28 modules, well short of the required 70 to make the project a go for 2016.

We at Detroit Lakes Public Utilities are committed to bring community solar to our customers. Staff feels there is enough interest given a long enough sign up period to be able to make to the program happen.

Our plan is to work on a marketing plan during the winter and provide an earlier and longer sign up period starting early March of 2017. We feel that with a longer sign up period and a stronger marketing plan to let our customers know the opportunity exists for participation in the CSG, we will get enough participation to get the project completed next year.

We truly appreciate your support for the project, and sincerely hope you will consider participation in 2017. Staff will also be contacting you in the spring of 2017 to determine if you are still interested in participating.  With your continued support and the future support of other participants we can bring community solar to Detroit Lakes.

Thank you again for your support and patience with us as we continue to work to bring community solar to you and the community. If you have any questions, please contact us at 218-846-7133. We look forward to working with you in 2017.

Vernell Roberts

General Manger, Detroit Lakes Public Utilities